View Full Version : F-15 at Goodwood Air Show?

6th Apr 2022, 17:31
I remember being taken by a family friend to Goodwood Airshow, possibly 1978?......was 14 at the time........was most impressed when a USAF F-15 from Bitburg? turned up and gave a display......I have never found any mention of this in the intervening years and I'm starting to wonder if it was my imagination?? Please ....does anyone remember this at all?

The Toilet Tester
7th Apr 2022, 10:49

I have a publication called Airshows 1978. It lists the participants for Goodwood - Sussex Air Pageant 6-7th May 1978.
It includes a flying F-15A 60053/BT from the the 36th FW at Bitburg.
There were quite a number of other participants too.
Looks like, you were not dreaming after all.

Hope this helps.

10th Apr 2022, 17:58
Great thanks! It was a really good Airshow as I remember

11th Apr 2022, 07:43
Aah, Bitburg. Went to the NATO Tiger Meet there in ‘82. Happy memories.