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tiny fireburn
25th Mar 2022, 16:03
FRADU Hunters and Canberras were frequent and busy visitors to Gibraltar for NATO and national exercises in the early 1980s. With a view to producing a magazine article and giving the Unit some well deserved publicity I would be very interested to hear from any air or ground crew who took part in the detachments. I was on the RAF Gib staff at the time and noted the names of pilots Tommy Thompson, Godfrey Underwood and Simon Willoughby, but I would welcome inputs from any ex-FRADU people. I can be contacted at: [email protected]

25th Mar 2022, 19:54
Did many detachments flying the Falcons with FRA in Gibraltar on FRADU exercises. 80’s and 90’s

However not early 80’s as the contract only started in 1985.