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India Four Two
24th Mar 2022, 00:04
I've just watched a lovely new video from Shuttleworth showing various engines being started. I am intrigued by the lack of white in the fuselage roundel and the "fin" flash on the Avro 504K.

I've never seen that particular identification style before. Can anyone explain?

https://cimg9.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1282x720/screen_shot_2022_03_23_at_5_59_46_pm_73f25aeea6e18625a4db629 05926449782ff8e1c.png


Load Toad
24th Mar 2022, 03:26
Not difinitive (I think) but this gives some information that might help.

Roundels (https://www.classicwarbirds.co.uk/articles/the-history-of-the-raf-roundel.php)

India Four Two
24th Mar 2022, 03:46

I saw that as well, and a few other sites, but as you say, not definitive.

Any Shuttleworth members here?

longer ron
24th Mar 2022, 08:41
As far as I can tell - it is representing a night fighter colour scheme.

longer ron
24th Mar 2022, 09:16
We have just had a look at some pics of the 504 in that scheme that we took during our last Shuttleworth visit in 2018,and certainly at that time the 504 was fitted with a Lewis gun on a foster mount up on the top wing.

India Four Two
24th Mar 2022, 14:55
Thanks longer ron, that makes sense.

Given that you saw that scheme four years ago, I’ll mentally change the thread title:

”Shuttleworth 504K ‘new-to-me’ colour scheme” :)

longer ron
24th Mar 2022, 16:26
Absolutely IFT :)
We had completely forgotten that the 504 was in that scheme anyway :)
Our excuse is that we do not get to many airshows for a variety of reasons these days and we were obviously overwhelmed by all those lovely aeroplanes flitting about :)

India Four Two
25th Mar 2022, 02:16
we were obviously overwhelmed by all those lovely aeroplanes flitting about https://www.pprune.org/images/smilies/smile.gif

… and the wonderful aroma of burnt castor oil?

I have a particular soft spot for the various Avro 504 models. Both my grandfathers learned to fly on them.

My maternal grandfather and a 504J, at Retford in 1918:

https://cimg6.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1170x1522/ffb6597e_b9e8_415f_8c8d_6062ddb0b125_e34a246ea23e9fac1a3a5e5 68b8cbcc1c6c9a8c3.jpeg

longer ron
25th Mar 2022, 15:28
Very nice picture of your Grandfather as (I Assume) a Probationary Flight Officer :)

India Four Two
25th Mar 2022, 15:50
Well spotted. Yes, he was in the RNAS. I have his wings - presumably the ones in the picture.

One of the lucky WWI pilots. He survived the nearly 50% training-fatality rate and then, in November 1918, before becoming operational, he was in hospital, fighting the Spanish Flu.

My other grandfather was also lucky. He survived a Camel crash and ended the war as a POW. I wrote up his fascinating story on the 100th anniversary of his crash:


My parents met when both families were on holiday in Clacton in the late 30s. I have always presumed that both fathers approved of the match because of their mutual backgrounds. :)

longer ron
26th Mar 2022, 19:38
That is a lovely write up I 42 - a most enjoyable read thanks :)

29th Mar 2022, 08:24
Yes, night fighter roundels.