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14th Mar 2022, 19:42
BACA, the Baltic Exchange Air Charter Assoc has been going strong for decades, finding loads for acft and finding acft for loads, both pax and freight. I am not sure if any recognition has been given here to the work and revenues this Assoc has provided. If anyone here has an input then please join in.
Thefe are so many mid 20th century shipping and city names associated with aircharter so I'll make a start at identifying some of them in no particular order (members have always included airlines, airtaxis operators, airports, etc but it is the brokers that turn the deal and fixed the flight, all the others have just benefited from their entrepreneurism. ). Ge and a stroke have dimmed what I remember so do add if you know more. Airlines in brackets are those represented on the Exchange by the company..........................
Clarkair Int'l (Pac Western, another Herc operator, Martinair Holland)
M K Kendall (Finnair, Air Canada pax)
Lep ( ?........)
Furness Withy (Laker)
Lambert Bros(.........?........)
Skyfrieght....(Air India?)
Charter Brokers In'l
Instones (Air France, Air Outremer)
Hunting Gibson (Aer Lingus, Air Bridge Carriers)
Universal Air Transport UATS (Invicta)
Hunt & Palmer

please fill in the others before they get forgotten. There ought be some names,too, but I expect no one is interested.......
Eric Hanks, Levi Tilley, David Shepherd, Chris Pocock,

More will come to mind. Posted by Colin Bailey.

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