View Full Version : Convair 440 from Canada to Belgium. So much Forgoten.

14th Mar 2022, 19:18
Some 3 or 4 decades ago I was responsible in some way of arranging the sale/purchase of a CV440 from Canada to Begium. The buyer was I think one Duane Egli. I visited him two or tree times, he was into fabrication of pallets and - were they ULD's? - but he had a tidy little workshop in OST. After a stroke my mid age memory is upside down. I do remember trying to sell it (CV440) to the Coventry brothers but they declined my deal. I do believe they bought it some very few weeks later; this left me Pissed Off, BUT my memory isn't relible. The Canadian broker was an absolut gent and did everything right, so sorry I cannot remmeber your name. Somehwre there was a CV580, a most respectable airframe I think, but I'm not sure whether I had anything to do with its sale.

Evora in Portugal was very much part of the CV440 deal as there was aready a CV580 ther. I was there in the summer and the temps were arounf 45 degrees........ I do remember the bog was a ceramic hole in the ground so you dropped your drawers, squatted, and hoped everything came out OK in the end (!!!!!!!). Who was this Evora guy . A charming man....he entertained me in LIS to a fabulous South American restaurant serving bbq'd steaks on a skewer but the poor bugger didn't know I was a veggie then ! Oh! Yoh! He was so embarressed and it wasn't his fault. His big opposition was a coy flying fish from Gambia (?) to EU and he could never get his operating costs to match. So Duane Egli and .......? I do so wish I had kept a log of the deals that I made money from as it is so easy now to look back and remember only those that failed..... Life? Can I have another go, please? (and I bet I remember his name one night at 3 in the morning!.

16th Mar 2022, 08:05
There were at least two, if you want history's take a look at CS-TML and CS-TMM Agroar.
Dates here Registration Details For CS-TMM (Agroar Air) Convair CV-440-32 - PlaneLogger (https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/CS-TMM/764551)