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3rd Mar 2022, 12:51
As I engage in my annual, and increasingly expensive, battle with the doctors to renew my medical, I'm wondering how many of us are still active instructors on the far side of 70. Any takers here?

3rd Mar 2022, 13:21
My IR instructor was 84. Best instruction I've ever had because he wasn't exactly in it for the hours...

Kemble Pitts
3rd Mar 2022, 15:54
My old CFI, Bill Ison, was instructing on Tiger Moths into his mid-eighties.

3rd Mar 2022, 19:35
No matter how old you are, you'll always find someone older.

4th Mar 2022, 10:02

4th Mar 2022, 12:07
Very true. One of my fondest memories was doing my test for the then AFI rating with Hector Taylor back in 1979. He must have been well into his seventies then. Over a coffee afterwards, I asked him what he'd learnt to fly on. He smiled and said 'The Avro 504'.

4th Mar 2022, 13:14
John Preece is still listed as an instructor on the Cambridge Aero Club website.

He joined the RAF in 1954

4th Mar 2022, 22:15
I'm still a young and sprightly (except when recovering from Covid, like now) 72. Our examiner is 80 next year. We managed to pull a couple of aircraft out of the hangar together this morning AND remember how to fly them!


7th Mar 2022, 08:14
BS , big 70 next year . Active at the mo. with fingers crossed for next medical ... Celebrated 50 yrs of flying last summer with a trip back to Marshall of Cambridge , where it all started . Summer '71 before John Preece's time there .

rgds condor .

9th Mar 2022, 10:23
Recent CFIs at Old Sarum & Thruxton kept going well into their 80s. I'd have called them active.

Dave Gittins
9th Mar 2022, 12:48
Did my BFR in Jan 2020 at KFLY with Rudy Welch .... he was 93. ... Sadly not with us now.

My "hour with an instructor" in 2021 was with an FI who admitted to 72.