View Full Version : Embraer close to giving up the E175-E2

25th Feb 2022, 15:44
"Embraer to pause E175-E2 program for three years "

Embraer To Pause E175-E2 Program For Three Years | Aviation Week Network (https://aviationweek.com/special-topics/crossover-narrowbody-jets/embraer-pause-e175-e2-program-three-years)

25th Feb 2022, 15:52
Thread title is a bit misleading - it's only the smaller 175-E2 which is being "paused"

Less Hair
25th Feb 2022, 15:54
And they plan a new turboprop program that might use E2 parts in that size.

25th Feb 2022, 16:36
The 195-E2 is doing OK-ish in Canada, South America and Europe, so not a total disaster.