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22nd Feb 2022, 22:09
Our AI and DI in our PA28 are getting unreliable. They've recently been overhauled and we're replaced the vacuum pump, filter etc as a precaution but the DI has started precessing randomly again and the AI sometimess doesn't erect.
I've flown with the Garmin G5 and not terribly impressed and like the look of the GI275.
We're not about to 'go glass' as I think for beginning students it's better to have the various elements they need to glance in at as discrete instruments.
Has anyone here got any experience of teaching in an aircraft with GI275?
I'm thinking that difficulties might be people fiddling and getting lost in the menu system or not being able to properly learn about aligning the compass and DI as a part of FREDA.
Any other issues? Benefits?
I'd prefer Garmin as it would integrate with all our other Garmin radios etc.


Big Pistons Forever
22nd Feb 2022, 23:01
I think it is important that there be a separate AI, and DI for an iniitio training. Yes you can get one GI 275 to do both but I think there is too much programming and display complexity. Personally I think 2 G5’s are far better than one GI275.

in any case I think you should make sure that you wire the GI 275/G5 to a separate power switch. This means you can turn off the glass for the foundation flying exercises (A&M, St & LvL, Turns, Climbs & Descents).

Mickey Kaye
23rd Feb 2022, 08:15

These are an option

23rd Feb 2022, 14:38
This AV-30 unit looks to me to be a very good option and is certified, the G5 is not!. The vents are available I see enabling a connection to the aircraft static and dynamic vents, which is important in my view. These budget units offer so much together with a reliability not available with the traditional air blown systems. Vacuum pumps, gyros, procession and sticking mechanical indicators need to become a thing of the past.

We're not about to 'go glass' as I think for beginning students it's better to have the various elements they need to glance in at as discrete instruments.

In my experience it is not an issue, particularly for the ab initio training. Ab initio students struggle to find instruments in the traditional array which can be a distraction from flying the aeroplane looking out of the window. Experienced pilots have to find the way with this kit but then very view can describe the traditional array, when asked, anyway.

23rd Feb 2022, 17:35
Good comments, thank you.
I should have explained that I would use 2 GI275, one in place of the AI, configured for such and the other below it configured as a DI/HSI.
I've seen videos of the uAvionics offer and it is very attractive but I think the Garmin has the edge on the display, just a personal thing. Also, we already have Garmin radios and a Garmin ADS-B 'in' receiver, which would display traffic on the lower GI275, as well as on our panel mount AREA 660.


Rivet gun
26th Feb 2022, 21:29
dynamic vents
What is a dynamic vent?

27th Feb 2022, 20:13
The Pitot.(both dynamic and static pressure of course)

28th Feb 2022, 11:31
All these digital electronics great if you have 21 year old's eyes.