View Full Version : Finnair A350 RTO at Bangkok 16 Feb

17th Feb 2022, 17:59
A family member was on this flight, but I can't find any further details on the internet. The A350 apparently suffered a bird strike as they were close to rotation speed, and the plane ended up perpendicular to the runway (?) after very heavy braking. Several tyres burst and the flight cancelled for 24 hours. Anyone have any more information?

17th Feb 2022, 19:28
Hmmm... Simon (AVH) who is usually well informed has the incident listed but no mention of RTO. Also there is no ADS-B trace of flight AY142.
Suggest you (or better your family member with first hand info) send the details to Simon on the provided contacts and he will follow it up.

18th Feb 2022, 04:24
Incident: Finnair A359 at Bangkok on Feb 17th 2022, bird strike (http://avherald.com/h?article=4f4c8076&opt=0)

18th Feb 2022, 07:49
Conflicting accounts: "prior to departure" or RTO ?

The OP's eyewitness report suggests the latter.

18th Feb 2022, 11:54
Finnish press reports bird strike on departure. Aircraft returned to the gate, inspection revealed no damage, but by then crew was out of hours.

18th Feb 2022, 15:39
It was definitely on TO, and involved enough heavy braking to burst several of the tyres. Aircraft apparently towed back to the gate, and with the crew soon going to be out of hours the flight was cancelled. I gather pax were even all served lunch during the wait onboard...all very civilised!

19th Feb 2022, 13:46
Odd to abort near V1 for a bird strike.

20th Feb 2022, 11:28
Perhaps the information on events will come to light with the aircraft strike report lodged by the bird.

5th Mar 2022, 19:22
If the bird strike caused noticeable engine issues, wouldn't it be correct to reject before V1? Otherwise you're carrying on to try to take off without the commanded takeoff thrust (on all engines) when you lost the thrust before V1 and that is not guaranteed to work out well?