View Full Version : Kermit Weeks: “Did we get #[email protected]&%*! or what?”

India Four Two
15th Feb 2022, 22:26
The moral of this story is: "Never lend your aircraft to anyone."


15th Feb 2022, 22:37
Or if you do pack it properly.

16th Feb 2022, 07:30
The wing should have been crated..

Less Hair
16th Feb 2022, 09:42
Frustrating. First how can this happen on both the way out AND back? Second it sounds like you need to go to court over this. This case is not closed.
Wouldn't there be some total insurance value determined beforehand and agreed to by everybody?

16th Feb 2022, 11:15
At least it had a good ending. However, since it was the same insurance company, it shows how much these things depend on individuals. BUT; there was no excuse for the damage to begin with, although I do have to agree, with hindsight, with Octane.