View Full Version : UK Bursaries and Scholarships for Heritage skills available now

Miles Magister
13th Feb 2022, 10:07
The Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers of London is an active livery investing in, and supporting, young people to develop their careers in aerospace and automotive engineering. I am pleased to announce our Awards for 2022 are open for applications. Please see the attached document for more detail and a link to the web site from which applications can be made. Please feel free to print it for your student noticeboard, flying club, work or hangar notice boards and share it with your network and groups in posts visible to friends and colleagues and group members, but please do not share it in posts open for anyone to see. Funds are available for aerospace students across a number of areas.

To access the funds, first you must apply...


PFA flyer
15th Feb 2022, 19:48
It is very kind of the Coachmakers to offer these scholarships. I see they are intended for young people, already working in maintenance organisations, to extend their skills and training.

I wonder if I could make a case for the heritage scholarship for an older person, at the tail end of a career in commercial aircraft design, to make a switch to heritage aircraft maintenance as a 3rd age career.

Does anyone have an example of doing that?

Miles Magister
16th Feb 2022, 09:55
Well the Coachmakers are livery investing in young people but may I suggest sending an email to the contact person on the web pages and see what they have to say.