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12th Feb 2022, 17:23
The photo is of DD Snr on leave sometime during or just after training. I know he was born in Feb 36 and joined as a boy entrant so this would date the photo at about 52/53. He went through Yatesbury and Cosford.
https://cimg2.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1220x2000/587b3ae2_bb9e_46a7_b5e4_2475aaf35a73_1cb0764d2a926e463f6199f edffe592c328a85ac.jpeg

What’s troubling me is what are the badges, why is the single strip upside down, and am I seeing things when I see a slight chequered cap band or is it a trick of the photo/light?

12th Feb 2022, 19:22
Looks like an Apprentice wheel on his shoulder: so most likely a Corporal Apprentice at Cosford.

12th Feb 2022, 19:32
Definitely boy entrant insignia, the single stripe denotes junior entry and the hat band is chequered, probably red and white for RAF Cosford.

longer ron
12th Feb 2022, 19:43
As wub posted - junior entry stripe.


Union Jack
12th Feb 2022, 21:41
All colours of Apprentice Badges (http://www.84thentry.me.uk/andmoreappbadges.html) explained.


Cornish Jack
13th Feb 2022, 10:14
... and the 'cap mods' ... slashed peak and bent top ! Presumably, no longer 'in fashion.

Arthur Bellcrank
13th Feb 2022, 10:40
During the 1960s the apprentice uniforms at Halton differed from the standard RAF issue in that the apprentice wheel disc and the cap badge on the beret had a coloured plastic disc to denote the Wing, ie yellow for 3 wing, red for 1 Wing and light blue for 2 Wing, similar coloured hat bands on the SD cap denoted the same.