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John (Gary) Cooper
24th Aug 2002, 09:21
I have recently downloaded over 600 photos from my time in the RAF, these include various aircraft, stations, countries, personnel. There are several photos of the BOAC Speedbird Comets and Britannias plus of course more up to date stuff like 'The Reds' etc.........like to hear your comments


arthur harbrow
24th Aug 2002, 20:44
John. those are very good indeed.On the Negombo/Katonagle
page one would you know the registration of the Skyways York?

John (Gary) Cooper
24th Aug 2002, 22:00
Arthur, I believe the one at Kat/Neg from a colour slide of 1959 is G-AGOB, there is also a B&W photo on the Misc pages taken at Lyneham c1954/55 Scottish Aviation index # G-AMUL. this crashed in 1956 near London losing all on board.

Kermit 180
26th Aug 2002, 10:05
John thanks for sharing these pictures with us. Good to see the RNZAF Bristol Freighter and Hastings! The 'French Biplane' you refer to in your album named 'Modern and not so Modern Aircraft' is in fact a Scouting Experimental SE5A, which is British.


Kermie ;)

John (Gary) Cooper
26th Aug 2002, 11:48
Good to know that some of you are on the ball Kermie, thanks....