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31st Jan 2022, 14:08
I'm just sharing it, I'm not involved with the project, but I do think it is a worthy one.

This unique Art Deco building is one of the few remaining parts of the once-famous Phillip & Powis - later Miles Aircraft - factory on the former Reading Aerodrome at Woodley. It was originally designed by the respected modernist architect Guy Morgan (1903-1987), constructed in 1938 and formally opened by Air Minister Sir Kingsley Wood on 27th January 1939.

This innovative headquarters building had offices for the directors and heads of all technical departments on the first floor, with machine and fitting shops below and behind. The factory built nearly 6,000 aircraft in the 1930s and í40s, and also made the earliest Biro ballpoint pens.

The site is now subject to a Planning application to Wokingham Borough Council for the demolition of all remaining buildings for redevelopment. The Councilís public consultation last year generated more comments objecting to the loss of these 'non-designated heritage assets' than about any other related issues. The developerís late-submitted 'Built Heritage Statement' is inaccurate and gives poor recognition of this site's role in Woodley or wider aviation history.

An application to Historic England for Listing this historic building is currently being assessed, but we need public support to back this up. Too many of Britain's former aircraft factories have already been lost to modern development when they could have been saved through intelligent conservation and re-purposing.

Please sign this petition now and show your support for retaining this historic landmark building so that future generations will remember Woodley's outstanding contribution to this country's aviation history. Factories like this helped save Britain Ė we need your help to save them.

More details and a photo are on the Change.org petition page, see here: https://www.change.org/SaveHistoricMilesAircraftHeadquartersInWoodley

31st Jan 2022, 14:47
Done! I've had a soft spot for Miles since I was a child; was fortunate to see that hangars before they went. Anyhow good luck all and let's hope we succeed.

31st Jan 2022, 17:03
I have done so.

31st Jan 2022, 17:35

Among the many comments on Wokingham BC's Planning website is the following from historian Julian Temple, author of the excellent "Wings Over Woodley" history of Miles Aircraft, its predecessors and successors:

"In summary, as I understand that such a document has to give a balanced view of the merits of all assets affected by the planning application it relates to, this Built Heritage Statement (BHS) is seriously deficient about the nondesignated heritage assets threatened with demolition by the Goya scheme. I therefore seriously advise WBC not to take this report at face value as it does not satisfy current NPPF requirements, particularly due to its poor historical content and failure to recognise the architectural and historical of the main building that clearly dominates the Site."

1st Feb 2022, 13:51
Signed - good to see several well know names amongst fellow signatories.

1st Feb 2022, 14:15
Done. Good luck with the project. I grew up with Miles products.

1st Feb 2022, 14:18
Signed and passed on to others.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

India Four Two
2nd Feb 2022, 03:28
I like Art Deco buildings so I looked this one up, since I had never seen it, even though my Dad worked in Woodley for a while.

https://cimg6.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/600x343/screen_shot_2022_02_01_at_8_26_12_pm_5a90f0926e797006db4485c c11fc3bb26885b544.png


I've signed the petition.

2nd Feb 2022, 17:14
Yep . . . all done!