View Full Version : A request to check old copies of Airport/Facilities Directory (1994-2001) (USA)

23rd Jan 2022, 16:59
Old-timers and packrats, I need your assistance--

This is kind of weird, but here's the question--

Please help me narrow down as much as possible, when language like

Arrival extensions for instrument approach procedures become part of the primary core surface area. These extensions may be either Class D or Class E airspace and are effective concurrent with...

(ital added)

first appeared in the LEGEND (for the "AIRSPACE" item) near the front of the "Airport / Facility Directory" (now "Chart Supplement") published semiannually by the FAA?

( For a current example of this text, see page 26 of the January 27 2022 issue of the Chart Supplement for the "Northeast" region -- link to PDF here-- https://aeronav.faa.gov/Upload_313-d/supplements/CS_NE_20220127.pdf )

At present I know that this language was not present in the AIRSPACE item in the LEGEND of the editions of the Airport/ Facility directory effective August 18 1994 to October 13 1994, and was present in the AIRSPACE item in the LEGEND of the editions of the Airport/ Facility effective beginning May 17 2001. So the time window in which it is unknown whether this language was present or not, currently spans A/F D editions effective October 13 1994 to May 17 2001.

I'm specifically looking for language indicating that the extensions should be considered to "become part of" their adjoined core surface areas, not just that they are in effect concurrently with their adjoined core surface areas.

Any input that narrows down this time window at all, would be appreciated. Thanks -- SS