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13th Jan 2022, 17:13
Hi, just wondering if anyone can answer a longshot question. On 11 July 1913, the King and Queen visited Liverpool and reviewed a large fleet of anchored vessels. Above them flew local aviation pioneer Henry Melly and his wife Ellen in a Bleriot two-seater. The following day, he took a place to the centre of Liverpool as a static exhibit. Does anyone know of any photos of either event, or the location in Liverpool where the plane was exhibited? Grateful thanks.

14th Jan 2022, 15:40
Hi soonguy
I have had a look at my copy of 'British Aviation-The Pioneer Years' by Harald Penrose and was very surprised to find that Mr Melly doesn't get a mention anywhere in this book.

Next attempt was Dallas-Bretts History of British Aviation where Melly is mentioned in four entries but none that are relevant to your question. He flew from two locations (Freshfields and Waterloo) near Liverpool.

I can only suggest that you try to get your hands on a publication about early aviation in the northwest (if you haven't already) or maybe local historians in Liverpool.
Sorry l can't be more help, Mr M was a genuine pioneer and deserves to be better known.

14th Jan 2022, 18:07
Probably related to George Melly of jazz fame - granddad's brother, something like that.

14th Jan 2022, 22:47
Thanks so much guys.

I've found that Flight International is digitised going right back, and Melly was a frequent contributor. Pioneers like him would submit news about what flights they had take. He did indeed submit his flights over the Mersey and the royal visit. But as a new user, I don't seem to be able to even post a graphic.

Yes, Henry Melly was I think related to George Melly. He retired to Crosby. His daughter only died 11 years ago. The family still has two of the propellors from his Bleriots.

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15th Jan 2022, 09:49
Born and bred just a mile or so away from that aerodrome at Waterloo, near Crosby. Never knew anything about it!

You may find this interesting ...


Plenty more about him on google.

15th Jan 2022, 21:31
Thanks. He posted in 1911 Flight Magazine some of what must have been the earliest aerial photos of the Mersey. Fascinating story. Seems that no one has actually published his full biography.