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fox niner
11th Jan 2022, 12:16
This must be the next level of social media mania: Crashing a perfectly good airplane by bailing out, just for even more likes and views.
If true.
The FAA is on it, apparently.

11th Jan 2022, 12:25
One can only hope that, should he do it again, his landing spot and that of his aircraft coincide ...

11th Jan 2022, 12:31
And now a word from the FAA, Police, Insurance company, and search and rescue.

fox niner
11th Jan 2022, 12:44
critical comments:


11th Jan 2022, 13:59
I do respect human life, but here and there there are exemption to the rule. I would say that justice was served if this f...n idiot was hit while under his parachute and taken down by this very same airplane that he deliberately dumped out so recklessly. It is hard to believe what stupidity people are willing to do for... hm, I cannot even find a word for that. And, if this resulted in any SAR or other emergency service response, I truly hope that all costs, fines and penalties possible would be incurred on him. As a former police/SAR crewmember, I am really p...ed off. And I think there are grounds to press criminal charges-at least in my place it would probably work that way. The guy explaining this event on video above is right: having an aviation license and using it means exercising PRIVILEGES, not rights.

Less Hair
11th Jan 2022, 14:27
He should be forced to remove the trash at his own cost.

what next
11th Jan 2022, 14:28
He should be forced to remove the trash at his own cost.

Including the fuel and oil spills. He can consider himself lucky that he caused no wildfire.

Nick 1
11th Jan 2022, 14:38
This “tuber” deserve to be banned from internet for life.

11th Jan 2022, 14:58
There is speculation that a whole lot of fakery was going on including possibly using an existing wreck and a hidden pilot in the back of the bailout a/c.

Are there any registration numbers visible?

My distaste prevents me from a thorough review of the frames.

11th Jan 2022, 15:11
IF the whole thing is not staged then this guy will seriously need a huge attorney. A public prosecutor will just destroy him.

Max Angle
11th Jan 2022, 15:13
Looks pretty genuine to me, what an utter ****!

Edited to say the PPRuNe had obviously got far too sensitive, it wasn't a particularly bad word, oh well, will go and wash my mouth out anyway!

11th Jan 2022, 15:23
I think the aircraft footage up to the moment of the crash makes it pretty clear the plane was really crashed.

11th Jan 2022, 15:25
There is speculation that a whole lot of fakery was going on...

No registration visible in-flight. On the wreck one can just about make out NC23568 (?), which is certainly not a current reg.
I see no aircraft shadows on the overhead shots prior to the crash.
There is a shadow on the final pre-crash sequence, with a sun angle that does not match the previous scenes

Just saying...

Carbon Bootprint
11th Jan 2022, 15:25
AVweb has a fairly interesting piece with a lot of the questions asked here addressed in the comments: https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/plane-crash-video-sparks-online-backlash/

The discussion includes a link to a local paper that states Jacob chartered a helicopter to remove the wreckage. Also, NTSB has issued a preliminary, but no real details: number WPR22LA049.

It's probably no surprise the general conclusion is that the whole thing was shamelessly staged.

11th Jan 2022, 15:53
My take is it was indeed staged; the amount of legal repercussions anyone can face following such a deliberate act will definitely go beyond any kind of money anyone can make out of an increased popularity on youtube. Imagine if the aircraft damages property and/or kills someone and/or causes a forest fire and so on... we are talking about being locked-up for a very long time.

11th Jan 2022, 15:55
As if the world hasn't got enough problems at the moment ................

11th Jan 2022, 16:00
NTSB Preliminary Report

pants on fire...
11th Jan 2022, 16:08
This pilot might be an idiot, but don't ever forget the early days of aviation!


11th Jan 2022, 16:09
Here's hoping YouTube has demonetized not just this one, but all of his videos to teach him a lesson.

Pilot DAR
11th Jan 2022, 16:51
I have removed the link to the YouTube video. The topic can remain, as it is worthy of discussion as to how poor and disrespectful behaviour this is, but this Youtuber is not going to profit from hits on this silly video because it was seen here. This is not the first such video this person has done, but you know what, please don't search them, it just looks like people are validating this idiocy if he gets more hits. He's hoping for the "any publicity is good publicity" effect, let's deny him that!

I think that the pilot should be ashamed on several fronts. Deliberate, wasteful destruction of an airplane which someone built and maintained with care is one. Be should be made to repair the plane to the condition in which he flew it, maybe after that, he'd learn some respect for something someone built with care....

11th Jan 2022, 18:00
There was already a post about this on one of the other pprune forums... a bit more discussion on there.