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10th Jan 2022, 20:36
Who knows? Can an SFI exercise the privileges of an MCCI? If yes ,only in a B 737 Sim , Or even in a FTD , ?

10th Jan 2022, 20:50
Part FCL. Sub part J. Section 8

11th Jan 2022, 01:24
It's a little more complicated…

Refer to Section 7, which describes SFI privileges as “synthetic flight instruction… for the MCC training course” FCL.905.SFI (c) (2).

Which is in contrast to TRI privileges “to instruct for… in the case of TRI for multi-pilot aeroplanes… MCC training” FCL.905.TRI (d) (2)

The MCCI privileges might seem more restrictive “to carry out flight instruction… when not combined with type rating training…” FCL.905.MCCI (a) (1)

In practise, expect this to be determined by the ATO, in accordance with their course approval.

Good luck.

11th Jan 2022, 03:34
Tks awair...for that reason I posted the question.
it Will be very usuful to have a huge cases , between different ATO's, to compare them.