View Full Version : HP Victor XL511, Manston - 1986?

9th Jan 2022, 16:51
Hello all,
Does anyone out there know why Victor XL511 arrived at Manston before it was later transferred to the CTE?
I was told that its arrival wasn't planned, but it diverted to Manston with a technical problem - and after an inspection by engineers it was decided that it wouldn't be returned to service and was later allocated to the CTE instead. I'm told it shed many parts, particularly from the rear fuselage during the inspection and was never 'patched up' again. It was then dismantled into large sections for transfer to the CTE.
Does anyone know why it was forced to divert, or indeed, know if the diversion story is true?

9th Jan 2022, 18:29
Don't know what 'CTE' is but there was a Victor on the fire burning area at Manston in 1988 when I visited. Had magnesium parts which were very difficult to put out when lit.
Another Victor diverted to Lindholme in 1972 and was still there when the airfield closed but it did fly out later after a long period of work.

9th Jan 2022, 18:50
Hi Chevvron,
CTE was Central Training Establishment...it may have changed name later on.
It's interesting that you mention another Victor diverted (albeit to Lindholme) in 1972 as friend who worked at Manston at that time thought XL511 had diverted in in 1972 and never left, but that can't be right as '511 was still operational in 1986 having taken part in the Falklands conflict. .

9th Jan 2022, 21:12
I was there when '511 arrived and it was immediately parked right down at the eastern end of the ASP. I recall it as being a CTE arrival from Day 1. I do know that some sections of flight deck area were salvaged for NDT while it was being broken up on the Western Taxiway a few months later.

9th Jan 2022, 21:30
AFAIK XL511 ended its days with the Fire School at Manston around August '93.

10th Jan 2022, 06:28
Another thing I recall but which may need verifying: I'm sure it arrived minus HDUs.

10th Jan 2022, 21:53
Thank you, both.
I wonder if my friend's memory of the aircraft 'shedding many parts from the rear fuselage' was HDU-related.
Of course, if it was being flown in for delivery to the CTE, then it would be logical to have arrived without its HDUs given that other Victors flew on for for several more years.