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7th Jan 2022, 14:28
Stay with me, this does relate to avaiation eventually.

I am not an engineer. I know how stuff works. I can take stuff apart. I struggle to put things back together again. My ethos is `that will do`.
The following you tube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE7dYhpI_bI) popped up on my stream and I watched it. Mind blown!
The video is by Adam Savage (Mythbusters) fame talking about measurements or more accurately how you can never, ever be totally accurate about a measurement. All measurements end with the statement `it depends`.
Then I remembered the Guy Martin Spitfire episode where he handled a wing bolt which then would not fit back in the aircraft because the warmth of his hand made it too big to fit.

Now, aircraft experience big changes in heat and cold, expansion and contraction so my question to the aviation community (especially the historic community) have you had any unusual experiences, failures, problems caused by expansion or contraction of parts? What happens to the Spitfires wings when cold? Do they flap, rattle, flex more (as an example) ?

The only story I can think of are the gaps that appear in Concordes fuselage where you can place your hand in there.

btw the vodeo is cool if you like nanometers, microns and the like.