View Full Version : Instructor Revalidation

5th Jan 2022, 14:59
I need a seminar to revalidate my FI (A). It seems the only ones on offer are via Zoom. Has anyone any experience of this? Thanks.

6th Jan 2022, 11:03
Ontrack are running a live seminar in April

7th Jan 2022, 12:56
Sadly, too late. .It's needed by 31st March. Thanks, anyway - it looks like Zoom!

27th Jan 2022, 09:47
BristolScout can I ask you where did you did the seminar via zoom? I’ve been looking for one but without success… I’m looking for an EASA one, if available.

27th Jan 2022, 22:22
Are you doing the seminar and revalidating by experience?
If it has expired you can do the seminar and an AoC to get current again.