View Full Version : Austrian police couple restrain passenger on FRA - YVR flight

3rd Jan 2022, 07:45


Not on avherald yet. Apparently, a man started issuing threats two hours into the flight. A couple who happened to be Austrian police in their day jobs contacted the crew discreetly and then restrained the man with cable ties and guarded him for the remainer of the flight.

3rd Jan 2022, 19:39
Great job and I suggest the airline generate some positive free publicity by at the very least upgrading them on their way home.

India Four Two
4th Jan 2022, 15:27
Does anyone know which airline this was?

4th Jan 2022, 15:47
LH as per other german media

4th Jan 2022, 16:32
We heard them as we came off the Atlantic being asked by the Canadian Military whether they wanted military assistance but they seemed calm and to have it all under control. Not what you need in the middle of the pondů

Less Hair
5th Jan 2022, 05:31
LH470 to Toronto. A350, D-AIXQ. Bomb threat.

6th Jan 2022, 06:11
Press release from the Austrian ministery of the interior says they were flying to Vancouver. Maybe the couple were headed for Vancouver via Toronto, but that should have been reflected in the wording.

confirms it was FRA-YYZ, but they waffle about an 11 h flight when the scheduled flight time is 8h40. 11 h is still high even for FRA-YVR (10h10).

Still not on Avherald, so it probably didn't happen anyway :)