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31st Dec 2021, 19:02
I was recently told of a WWII military air crash on or near Pewsey Hill, Wiltshire near the white horse hill figure. Northern edge of Salisbury plain.
However, I cannot find any reference or details elsewhere. I would be most grateful should anyone know anything more.

31st Dec 2021, 20:01
Two possibilities:

Beaufighter X7548 of 604 Squadron, which crashed between Pewsey and Marlborough on 26 July 1941. Flight Lieutenant H Speke and Sergeant GL Dawson were killed
Tutor K3400 of Central Flying School, Upavon, which crashed 'near Pewsey' on 2 January 1942. Sergeant JE Chodzicki (Polish) was killed.

Speke was killed on 26th July 1941 on a routine night flying test in Beaufighter X7548 NG*S. The aircraft struck Oare Hill, Pewsey, Wiltshire at high speed, the cause was never discovered. So probably not this one, as Oare is in the wrong direction, away from the white horse and other side of town.

Chodzicki's first name was Jerzy; after performing a series of manoeuvres, he tried to forced-land in near Pewsey and crashed in doing so.

1st Jan 2022, 07:17
A few other possibles :

Proctor III HM393 spun in during aerobatics near Pewsey on 10th May 1943.

Oxford I V4055 force-landed at Milton Hill Farm (about a mile and a half E of the White Horse) on 12th November 1943.

Harvard I N7074 spun in at Oare Hill on 11th September 1939.

Wellington III Z1597 flew into a hill near Oare on 7th July 1942.

1st Jan 2022, 07:58
Many thanks Pypard and Dave, fascinating leads.

7th Jan 2022, 19:50
Will let a good friend of mine know about these, as they live just to the west of Pewsey, and can see the white horse from their front garden.