View Full Version : Janice Long - BBC radio DJ - former Laker FA

26th Dec 2021, 23:58
Among the tributes to Janice Long, longstanding BBC DJ, who died today, is the information she was a onetime Laker FA.

Janice Long: BBC DJ and broadcaster dies at 66 - BBC News (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-59795298)

Janice Chegwyn at the time (sister of fellow presenter Keith Chegwyn), came from Liverpool, born 1955 so would be around 18 in 1973, a typical age to be taken on as an FA, which seems to have come early in her life. There for two years apparently. Laker had a longstanding contract with Arrowsmith Holidays (who they later bought out) for a One-Eleven full time at Manchester, and in some years off-and-on for a second one at Liverpool, summer only, when the contract had not gone to Cambrian. Their other three One-Elevens were at Gatwick.

Anyone remember her ?