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tiny fireburn
24th Dec 2021, 09:14
The first five Canadian-built Mosquito B.XXs were named after the cities that donated the most money in the last Canadian Victory War Bond drive, as follows:
KB161 - 'Vancouver'
KB162 - 'New Glasgow, Nova Scotia'
? - 'Acton, Ontario'
? - 'Moose Jaw'
? - 'Saskatoon, Saskatchewan'
Can any clued up soul fill in the missing serial numbers?

24th Dec 2021, 14:58
Hi tiny
Saskatoon was KB160
Vancouver was KB161
New Glasgow was KB162
Acton was KB328
Moose Jaw was KB329

Details from the excellent Air Britain publication 'Gifts of war' by Henry Boot and Ray Sturtivant.

tiny fireburn
25th Dec 2021, 10:03
Thank you for that and for reminding me about a most useful A-B book.