View Full Version : airBaltic A220 off runway in Riga

3rd Dec 2021, 13:07
Skidded off after landing today. Video of the landing from inside in the comments of this post:

BT102 Stockholm-Riga (reg. YL-CSE), happened around 9:55 UTC. Nobody hurt.

EVRA 031020Z 28006KT 220V350 0750 0500 R36/1300U +SN BKN005 OVC010 M02/M03 Q0993 TEMPO 2000 SN=

3rd Dec 2021, 14:35
That's a seriously contaminated runway. Interested to learn why they tried in the first place

3rd Dec 2021, 16:00
how do you know it was seriously contaminated?

3rd Dec 2021, 18:12
I mean… have a look at the video if you can. How the runway looked in that video and taking the +SN from the METAR into consideration, that definitely LOOKS like a crappy runway condition.

Would be interesting to know the runway condition code but I can totally see that being poor braking action.

Edit: You can see the last few seconds and aftermath of the video mentioned in the first post also on AvHerald.

4th Dec 2021, 01:25
Don't know it for sure, but it looked like that in the video

4th Dec 2021, 06:42
perhaps they add ice and snow there for effect.

Have little contact with the A220, other than their original aerodynamics team, but that looks like a partial flap deflection. on the landing. there may be good reasons for that, protection of the flaps from debris, strong crosswind roll authority etc, just curious. This puppy wanted to head for the rough pretty quickly, didn't show any hesitation in going off piste.

4th Dec 2021, 10:00
RWY 36 RCC was 2

8th Dec 2021, 08:27
BA 2 with this wind should not be a big problem, as long as the runway is long enough. A white runway in +SN can be very difficult. Easy to loose your references.