Jetset 88
23rd Nov 2021, 11:34
Doug Newham was a WW2 Nav Ldr on 10 Sqn from 1944 -1946 on Halifaxes and later Dakotas. Prior to the Battle of Britain he was a Post Office technician involved in radio direction finding research. After joining the RAF he flew Wellingtons before his 10 Sqn tour.
After the war he was employed by BOAC/BA in Operations for many years and was awarded his LVO (Lt of the Royal Victorian Order) for personal Royal Flight planning services to Her Majesty in 1969.
Long retired, Doug celebrated his 100th birthday in mid-November and still in good health, today leaves Heathrow for a BA flight to Western Canada to stay with a son in the Rocky Mts.
Doug has promoted aviation in all its forms for many years and tirelessly striven to make younger generations remember those lost in war.

We wish him a good trip and continued good health. What a man!
The 10 Sqn Association

23rd Nov 2021, 11:46
Dougie Newham worked in the BOAC Operations Control for many years and, before he retired from BA, was responsible for so many of the operational decisions that kept us safe. It was a role that suited him well and one in which he excelled. I wish him well and am very grateful for all he did to keep us safe.


Jetset 88
23rd Nov 2021, 12:14
I think that I'm right in saying that after the September 1970 hijackings to Dawson's Field, Jordan, Dougie Newham, then in BOAC Ops, got together with another wartime 10 Sqn pilot who was by then a Fleet Manager in BEA, the late Doug Evans. Together they devised the strategic combined BOAC/BEA policy for such events if they were to ever reoccur. They were both forward enough in their thinking to keep everyone safe for many years. One would have to go far to meet such kind and switched-on gentlemen too.

Barksdale Boy
23rd Nov 2021, 12:42
All the best Dougie.

23rd Nov 2021, 17:44
Top man! Nice to hear about WW2 veterans.

24th Nov 2021, 08:33
Jetset 88,

He did, and his work formed the basis of BA's hijack and crisis management procedures thereafter. We have a lot to thank him for.

Jetset 88
27th Nov 2021, 14:28
On Tuesday 23 November Doug was greeted at Heathrow T5 by the captain who was to fly him to Canada, Captain Brian Connolly and also the BA staff who made his pre-departure processing so easy by firstly forming a clapping 'guard of honour' of check-in staff and then presenting him with a 100th birthday cake. He was treated like a VIP by everyone and is now getting his breath back over in western Canada.
Our very, very grateful thanks go to F/O Lucy Robinson (777 Fleet) who, as an ex-10 Sqn member herself, aroused the enthusiasm of all the BA staff to make this project a success and so much appreciated.
"It's nice to be nice" and all BA ground and aircrew deserve much credit for a job well done. They were all far more than 'nice'. You are certainly Doug Newham's favourite airline.
Thank you to all involved for helping us give Doug a Happy 100th.
Good Luck in the future and don't lose that human touch which was so moving to learn about.
The 10 Sqn Association