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4th Oct 2021, 15:07
A friend has asked to help out with their family history. They're trying to trace a "Johnnie Abbott" who served with the RCAF at Middleton St. George in 1944. They say he was a pilot but I have my doubts......

I've had look and he must have been with either 419 "Moose" or 428 "Ghost" Squadrons operating heavies in 6 Group.

The Moosemen have a good website and it lists some of the flight crews by operations and aircraft through '44 but I can't see any Abbotts (or variations on the name).

428 has very little information.

It seems that the RCAF doesn't post details of anyone's service unless they died - there were a number of Abbotts who died in WW2 but they were all a long way from Bomber operations.

Any suggestions on the best way forward?


Fargo Boyle
4th Oct 2021, 15:52
Might be worth posting the question on the Flypast forum, lots of expertise on there https://www.key.aero/forum/historic-aviation

longer ron
4th Oct 2021, 18:53
RAF Commands might be the best place to ask,just register as a member and ask in the 'General Category' on the forum,there are some members with info and knowledge about things Canadian.

RAFCommands Forums (http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/)

5th Oct 2021, 07:45
Thanks guys

9th Oct 2021, 04:11
Worth contacting the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum guys at Hamilton Ont. - they are custodians of ''VERA'' the Lanc that came over here to the UK in 2014 that I was lucky to have a flight on - Great bunch of guys.
It did a visit to MME as she was named in honour of one of it's own, The Lancaster is dedicated to the memory of P/O Andrew Mynarski of the RCAF.


12th Oct 2021, 09:24
Thanks everyone - it appears that the person in question was never aircrew (medical issues) and was probably in the Provost section :uhoh:.

We have quite a few details now and we can put this to bed.

Many thanks for your help! :ok:

12th Oct 2021, 10:49
rog747 the Canadian Lancaster became sick at Teesside and myself and members of Friends of the airport helped change the engine over a week.