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tiny fireburn
30th Sep 2021, 14:49
A family member has asked if I can identify the significance of the 'SA' on the RAF
badge in the attached pic. Obviously 'South Africa' springs to mind, but can anyone confirm this?

30th Sep 2021, 15:28
Sports Association?

30th Sep 2021, 15:48
I have every reason to believe it was a badge worn by the RAF boxing team that toured Southern Africa that year.
In what was the worst aircraft accident in South Africa at the time SAAF Airspeed Envoy no. 256 was one of three returning to Pretoria on 6 June 1938 from Rhodesia after a boxing tournament when it entered low cloud near the Limpopo River and had possibly broken up in the air. The two SAAF crew and four RAF boxers were killed.

30th Sep 2021, 16:49
Seems a good bet. It looks like it has come off a jersey or blazer. The RAF Football Association is known as the Royal Air Force FA

30th Sep 2021, 19:24
I'm a little confused - are we saying that the "SA" stands for Sports Association or South Africa or (coincidentally) both ?

1st Oct 2021, 15:21
No - South Africa.

tiny fireburn
10th Oct 2021, 15:04
Thanks guys. Particularly interesting gen about the RAF Boxing team.