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17th Sep 2021, 13:53
We have an instructor who has had an Operational Multi Crew Limitation (OML) applied to his Class 1 and we are trying to ascertain exactly which modular courses he can continue instructing for at our UK ATO.

PPL/Night/IMC/MEP/ME-IR - he can continue to instruct for all these courses on the basis of his unrestricted Class 2.

​​​​However, can he continue to instruct for a Modular CPL(A) Course?

The only reference we can find is CAP804 Section 4 Part N Page 11 which says he can (with some stipulations) but, as we all know, CAP804 is now for "reference only".

Does anyone know of any publication from the CAA that has a definitive answer?

17th Sep 2021, 14:20
Try looking at the EASY Access Rules Annex IV Part MED Section Med B.001
MED.B.001 Limitations to medical certificates
Regulation (EU) 2019/27
(a) Limitations to class 1 and class 2 medical certificates
(1) If the applicant does not fully comply with the requirements for the relevant class of medical certificate but is considered to be not likely to jeopardise the safe exercise of the privileges of the applicable licence, the AeMC or AME shall:
(i) in the case of applicants for a class 1 medical certificate, refer the decision on fitness of the applicant to the medical assessor of the licensing authority as indicated in this Subpart;
(ii) in cases where a referral to the medical assessor of the licensing authority is not indicated in this Subpart, evaluate whether the applicant is able to perform his/her duties safely when complying with one or more limitations endorsed on the medical certificate and issue the medical certificate with limitation(s) as necessary;

Talk to the AME issuing the limitation or the Authority issuing the medical certificate.

17th Sep 2021, 15:54
See Table 1 in CAP 804 Section 4 Part N page 11 (https://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?appid=11&mode=detail&id=6412).


17th Sep 2021, 16:33
See Table 1 in CAP 804 Section 4 Part N page 11 (https://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?appid=11&mode=detail&id=6412).


Our CAA FOI has said "CAP804 is defunct" and therefore cannot be used as a basis for him to continue CPL instructing. The FOI has asked the "CAA's subject matter experts" for us... Several months with no reply from the experts so far.


17th Sep 2021, 17:04
Hello Bushdodge,
I am a UK FI/A PPL through CPL and ME IR etc. My class 1 has
OML and I have an SSL added since early 2020 which allows me to instruct up to CPL in SPA aircraft under
5700kgs. The CAA issued an email to me regarding Class 1 OML and Instructing/Examining CPL which went to all AME's I understand. My last medical in Aug I still have the SSL.
The Instructor should talk to his AME who should have had that email too, He/She could send message down the the CAA to request addition
of SSL for the reason you mention.
Thats what mine had to do and If its like me AMS emailed me a letter to tell me it was approved and sent a new certificate via post with the SSL added. My ATPL
is now UK CAA not EASA as I did not SOLI.
Whether the CAA have changed the policy of adding the SSL I am not sure but as I still have this on my latest Certificate I would think its possible.

17th Sep 2021, 18:34
Kwaiyai, thank you, that is very helpful.

I will ask our instructor to contact his AME about it.

Do you have a copy of the letter that went to the AMEs that you could share or PM to me (assuming it has no personal details on it)?

18th Sep 2021, 09:30
No problem,
I just copy pasted it via PM to you. I also just Tippexed any personal details out
but the main letter is all there. Hopefully it comes out OK.