View Full Version : The Herrick Vertaplane

I. M. Esperto
22nd Aug 2002, 14:05
This early wing/rotor craft was a sucess in the 1930's, and it still exists in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

It, along with other oddities such as the 1906 Vuia CO2 powered (!) monoplane are covered in a new book, MODEL BUILDERS AND THEIR MODELS, by Bill Hannan, a great aero historian, philospher, and modeler.


Well worth the cost, and a great book to have lying about when you feel like reminiscing, and learning about our favorite subject.

Lu Zuckerman
23rd Aug 2002, 00:51
Try this address for as picture of the Herrick Vertaplane



I. M. Esperto
23rd Aug 2002, 11:51
Thanks, Lu.

The book also has some photo's.