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Fiona Burton
31st Aug 2021, 20:16
My aunt was engaged to an Australian rear gunner who died in 1943. I have inherited some photographs taken in August 1941 with the acronym S.O.N.A. on the back but I havenít been able to find out what it stands for. Any ideas?

1st Sep 2021, 02:06
Where were they taken?

Barksdale Boy
1st Sep 2021, 02:56
I've checked in the Penguin Dictionary of Abbreviations under SONA, SO and NA but can't find anything remotely appropriate. Any other clues?

1st Sep 2021, 05:46
I have no idea, but just as a thought I'm just throwing in something in the lines of School Of Navigation RAAF/Australia/something. I'm taking liberties on the naming as it may well be that the acronym is nothing official but someones personal take of a unit/location/persons etc.

Where was the picture taken, do you know the name of the gentleman, would you be able to share the picture? There are plenty of very capable persons here to identify locations from WW2 era pictures, if that would solve the acronym.

1st Sep 2021, 07:49
If desert landscape, NA could suggest North Africa, no?

Cornish Jack
1st Sep 2021, 09:46
Are you are certain about the accuracy of the initials ?
I ask, because there is.was a French Marine base in Laos called SENO - a joke name, being based on Sud, Est, Nord, Ouest ... i.e. nowhere !
Something similar, perhaps ?

1st Sep 2021, 12:42
If you `google` SWALK`,you will find acronyms that were used on letters,between lovers,etc.Probably helped to confuse the Intelligence authorities who `censored` the post.They could also use `Latin`,other languages as `personal` codes`,depending on how `personal` they were...!!

1st Sep 2021, 13:02
Quite an escapade, from E.G.Y.P.T. via S.I.A.M. to B.U.R.M.A.
Certainly the individuals have had their mandatory jabs for the route.

1st Sep 2021, 14:10
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