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22nd Aug 2002, 00:05
The BBC did a poll of 20,000 people and ended up with this list. Includes all the British Isles including Ireland. Should be some room for disagreement here. Boy George???

Alfred the Great
Julie Andrews
King Arthur
David Attenborough
Jane Austen
Charles Babbage
Lord Baden Powell
Douglas Bader
David Beckham
Alexander Graham Bell
Tony Benn
Tim Berners Lee
Aneurin Bevan
Tony Blair
William Blake
William Booth
David Bowie
Richard Branson
Robert the Bruce
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Richard Burton
Donald Campbell
William Caxton
Charlie Chaplin
Geoffrey Chaucer
Leonard Cheshire
Winston Churchill
James Connelly
Captain James Cook
Michael Crawford
Oliver Cromwell
Aleister Crowley
Charles Darwin
Diana, Princess of Wales
Charles Dickens
Francis Drake
King Edward I
Edward Elgar
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
Michael Faraday
Guy Fawkes
Alexander Fleming
Bob Geldof
Owain Glyndwr
George Harrison
John Harrison
Stephen Hawking
King Henry II
King Henry V
King Henry VIII
Paul Hewson (Bono)
Edward Jenner
T. E. Lawrence
John Lennon
David Livingstone
David Lloyd George
John Logie Baird
John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)
James Clerk Maxwell
Paul McCartney
Freddie Mercury
Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery
Bobby Moore
Thomas More
Eric Morecambe
Admiral Horatio Nelson
Isaac Newton
Florence Nightingale
George O'Dowd (Boy George)
Thomas Paine
Emmeline Pankhurst
John Peel
Enoch Powell
Walter Raleigh
Steve Redgrave
King Richard III
Cliff Richard
J. K. Rowling
Robert Falcon Scott
Ernest Shackleton
William Shakespeare
George Stephenson
Marie Stopes
Margaret Thatcher
William Tindale
J. R. R. Tolkien
Alan Turing
Queen Victoria
William Wallace
Barnes Wallis
James Watt
Unknown soldier
Duke of Wellington
John Wesley
Frank Whittle
William Wilberforce
Robbie Williams

22nd Aug 2002, 00:08
Danny Fyne?

22nd Aug 2002, 00:09
Charlie Chaplin?
Unknown Soldier?
And wasn't Freddie Mercury from Zimbabwe

22nd Aug 2002, 00:19
Never hear of 'em???

22nd Aug 2002, 00:23

I thought Charlie Chaplin was a yank.

And would you care to explain the unknown soldier thing to me.

And you're not behind me. I just checked.

22nd Aug 2002, 00:36
Yous was wrong! :D

Charlie Chaplin was born in London, England on 16 April 1889.

As was Bob Hope, born at 44 Craigton Road, Eltham, England, May 29, 1903.

As was Stan Laurel, born at Foundry Cottages, Argyll St, Ulverston, Lancashire, England, June 16, 1890.

Must have been something about English comedians. :D

Captain Stable
22nd Aug 2002, 00:39
Missing:- Palmerston? Gladstone? Disraeli? Stanley Spencer? Byron? King Athelstan? Carey Grant?

What on Earth...?:- Johnny Rotten? Bono? John Peel? David Bowie? Julie Andrews?

22nd Aug 2002, 00:52
Unknown soldier? How can he be famous if no-one knows who he is? Or even if it's a he - no-one's peeked into the box remember!

And no sign of Mary Robinson, Mary McAleese, Bertie Ahern, Charlie Haughey, Eamon DeVelera, George Bernard Shaw, Paidi O'Se, James Fitzmaurice (first east-west atlantic crossing by air), Oscar Wilde, Thomas Moore (or was Thomas More a typo?), Edmund Burke, Daniel O'Connell, John Barry ("Father of the US Navy"), Harry George Ferguson (first powered flight in Ireland, 1909), Arthur Guinness, John Philip Holland (built the first operational submarine, the Holland, for the US navy), Robert Boyle (of gas law fame), Field Marshall Kitchener, Sir William Rowan Hamilton, and of course, Finagle's mad prophet Murphy :)

If you're going to say it's the 100 most famous people in the UK and Ireland, at least ask us about it :D :rolleyes: :p

And if it's only the 100 famous britons, what the heck are Bono, Thomas Moore, and Ernest Shackleton doing there? They're Irish - and in fact, the Unknown Soldier might be too :) :p :D

22nd Aug 2002, 02:29
Don't stop there Brizzo:

Pilot's Pal



the list goes on and on........

Perhap we could compile a list of the 100 most famous british Ppruners......:rolleyes: :p

22nd Aug 2002, 03:25
Thing George???? Gimme a break!!! :eek: :rolleyes:

Uncle Cracker
22nd Aug 2002, 03:31
never knew Mr Benn's name was Tony...

Jet Dragon
22nd Aug 2002, 05:33

I think Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar, and educated in India.

He carked it in the UK though!!


tony draper
22nd Aug 2002, 09:10
Did you know that the Unknown Soldier is the only Britain ever to be awarded The Congressional Medal Of Honour.
PS,We awarded the American Unknown Soldier the Victoria Cross. quite a few Americans have won the Victoria Cross over the years.

22nd Aug 2002, 09:33
Where did this poll take place? did they go out onto the streets to conduct this poll?
Do people just say the first name that comes into their head? J.R.R. Tolkien? I know his parents were from Birmingham, but he is actually South African by birth
Freddie Mercury - Born in Zanzibar and of course Cliff Richard who was born in India


oh and King Arthur?

There's no proof that he actually existed, or whether it was just a legend created by the Britons of a King that was unable to be defeated in battle in order to deter any form of attack from invading forces

22nd Aug 2002, 09:57
Damon Hill,Nigel Mansell,Linford Christie???

Windy Militant
22nd Aug 2002, 10:32
Good to see Barnes Wallis and Frank Whittle on the list. But what about R J Mitchell, Roy Chadwick and Sydney Camm?

22nd Aug 2002, 10:46
rowan atkinson, aka mr bean ?

22nd Aug 2002, 11:56
And all of the pythons...

22nd Aug 2002, 12:40
I thought that Bob Geldof kept his Irish nationality (although he has been knighted).

Guy Fawkes was Spanish!

Freddie Mercury was indeed born in Zanzibar - I think he had one British parent and so took British nationality.

Cliff Richards was born in India of British parents during the Raj.

If Tolkein was born in SA of British parents I expect he took British citizenship at birth.

22nd Aug 2002, 13:37
Isnt the Queen German ?

Grim Reaper 14
22nd Aug 2002, 13:42
No, I'm sure Boy George was born here...sorry, someone had to.

22nd Aug 2002, 14:59
The Queen is only part German.

So if Freddy Mercury is allowed so is she. (Fair enough if his parents were English)

Still not happy about the unknown soldier though.

22nd Aug 2002, 22:09
Geldof is Irish methinks.

22nd Aug 2002, 22:43
Geldof is Irish, his accent is a dead giveaway :D

22nd Aug 2002, 22:51
Does that mean Renée Zellweger and Gwyneth Paltrow can be British please!! :D

23rd Aug 2002, 05:11
"Charlie Chaplin was born in London, England on 16 April 1889. "

Same birthday as Adolph Hitler, career paths were a bit different of course.
No contest as to who had the greatest impact on the world.

Sultan Ismail
23rd Aug 2002, 06:44
Captain Stable

Car(e)y Grant - don't you mean Archie Leach, famous English actor who made good in "Philadelphia Story".

Born in Bristol goodness knows when.

Name adopted by John Cleese character in "A fish called Wanda", an in joke, missed by most.

23rd Aug 2002, 09:19
I'm very happy about the inclusion of John Peel, surely the greatest living Englishman;)

...someone on the BBC Talking Point site put it much better than I, though, in reponse to some to$$er called 'Giles' who was protesting at his inclusion:

To Giles, John Peel has a great legacy, in the minds of everyone to whom he revealed a world of infinitely greater thought, openness, creativity and invention beyond the stifling towns in which we were raised.

23rd Aug 2002, 10:39
What is all this about Guy Fawkes being Spanish? He was a good boy from York, raised in a house down an alleyway off Stonegate, near the Olde Starr pub.