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14th Jul 2021, 23:32
Would you say doing the IRI course has been worth it for you both on a personal level in improving your skills and career prospects? Do you reckon it increases your chances of instructing at a bigger ATO dramatically?

I have a ATPL with ~ 2000 hours total time , 1300 IFR multi crew and 300 instructor given. No 30 hours MEP PIC sadly…

15th Jul 2021, 10:47
Yes, IMHO the course is worth it from all points of view, however you’re asking from a financial POV in which case without the ME CRI your “payback” period would be much longer and demand for your skills less.

16th Jul 2021, 22:55
The IRI is only 5 hours of flight training if adding privilieges to an existing FI(A) rating. So it is a relatively inexpensive add on.
The issue as you say is the cost of 30 hours p1 MEP, I was in a similar situation heavy TP time gave me the IF time to be an IRI but not the MEP time to be a MEI.

What is your situation, are you still flying in an airline, or are you now returning to FI work as a full time option?

At least in the UK the IRI gives the option of teaching the SEP IRR, and there isn't much demand for full SE IR or SE CB IR, as your location is Norway that is not relevant.

But for the integrated courses the SPIC and SE IF sections and even parts of MPL core phase (probably not that relevant given that most of the MPL courses have stopped) that are conducted in the SEP require an IRI. So yes for getting a job at the schools conducting integrated training the IRI even if SEP only is required.
The middle eastern schools have all advertised in recent months.

16th Jul 2021, 23:42
Rent an MEP and fly around a bit!

17th Jul 2021, 09:06
I used to fly the Dash8 Q400 in the U.K. so plenty of IR hours, just not the MEP…
Is it common practice to rent a MEP and fly the 30 hours on their own bill or is this usually something that’s internally upgraded at flight schools?

I am currently full time instructing for PPL and LAPL, my school does not offer any kind of instrument flying.

17th Jul 2021, 09:22
With the move away from commerial operation of MEPs then the 30 hour requirement, which originated from European Bureauracracy rather than any sensible reason has shot the industry in the foot. It was not so many years ago that if you held a ME rating (no mention of piston) you could add the ME FI and instruct and even examine if you held an Examiner Authorisation. I am not aware that there were any safety issues that waranted the 30 hour requirement and why 30 hours MEP rather than 30 hours multi, the asymmetric bit is the only area of concern.

17th Jul 2021, 11:50

30hours in a twin at UK rates is 30 x 350, so 10500, pounds thats the issue. Plus another 3 or 4 k for the mei course. May be fuel draw back doing cross channel can get the cost down a little. So between 10to 14k to upgrade to MEI.

Some schools do offer a bond to SEP IRIs to do the upgrade, I did a few post maintenance flights at my last place to start building rhe hours. But the position ended due to covid before I got any where near the required hours.

Hour building in the US, with the exchange rate no longer favourable doesnt yield much saving either.

While MEI IRIs were getting 50 to 60k salaries before covid alot of places are now only offering 45 to 50 pounds an hour flight pay only for twin instructing.