View Full Version : Hands on heads!!! [Supposed threat to AA2289 Jul 7th)

10th Jul 2021, 14:07
Not seen a reference to this elsewhere:


What on earth was that all about?

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10th Jul 2021, 14:53
There you go


10th Jul 2021, 15:19
Thanks :)

Mad As A Mad Thing
10th Jul 2021, 15:50
I love a game of Simon Says. I wonder who won?

fox niner
10th Jul 2021, 15:55
On whose authority was this forced upon the passengers? Not on MY watch I can promise you that!
Were the air marshals involved?

10th Jul 2021, 16:04
Well that flummoxed the baddies. Clearly they couldn’t do their dastardly deeds with their hands on top of their heads. Quite ridiculous but it was ‘merica.

10th Jul 2021, 17:30
Hmmm... Looks like picture-taking was allowed as long as it was from atop the head...

10th Jul 2021, 23:00
The penalty for not obeying the hands on heads demand must have been quite severe, whereas the penalty for filming rather agreeable.

11th Jul 2021, 07:19
AA get from bad to worse imho. Awful carrier and not great at handling any situation.

11th Jul 2021, 07:23
Cue lawyers.

411A NG
11th Jul 2021, 07:52
Guilty until proven innocent. What is becoming of our society?
Sheesh - I hope this mentality won't come to Europe!

11th Jul 2021, 08:03
Fear is a very powerful weapon. Scared passengers are compliant passengers and saying..... "We are only doing this to keep you safe" excuses all sorts of dictatorial behaviour.

Only in the land of the free.

11th Jul 2021, 11:35
A security issue bad enough to scare the :mad: out of your passengers for an hour but apparently not severe enough to decide to go down for an early landing..