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8th Jul 2021, 17:10

Looking for some advise; I've been asked to do a test to re-new a NPPL SSEA Rating, as the candidate has not done the required hours to keep current. From CAP 804 and other sources I reckon I have to do a GST on them.

Can anyone advise if there is anything else I need to do, who to send the paperwork off to, and if anything needs signed on their license/logbook etc?

Thanks in advance

8th Jul 2021, 18:41
ANO Schedule 8 Chapter 2 Table A. Flight Examiners Handbook Page S2 Table N2B
Are you authorised to conduct the test?
On completion sign the Certificate of Revalidation in the Licence. Endorse candidates Log Book
No Forms required

8th Jul 2021, 21:34
Many thanks

9th Jul 2021, 09:16
All NPPL training (which includes renewals) has to be conducted from UK aerodromes by UK flight intructors / examiners.

9th Jul 2021, 14:05
Do you have a reference for that?

LAA Website says:
Q Where can I do the course?
A At any flying club which is a Declared or Approved Training Organisation under EASA rules (DOT or ATO)

Q Who can instruct me for the NPPL(SSEA), and are there any special NPPL instructors?
A Any EASA Flight Instructor with SEP privileges can conduct your training, and, no, there are no special NPPL instructors.

No mention of UK aerodromes!

The UK post Brexit regulations states:

EASA Part-FCL/BFCL/SFCL Examiners who hold an examiner certificate issued by an EASA member state will be able to continue to undertake Skill Tests, Proficiency Checks and/or Assessments of Competence, for the period of its validity up to a maximum of two years.

The NPPL is not valid for the holder to act as PIC outside the UK except:
ANO Schedule 8 Chapter 3 Para 1(b)
(b) with the permission of the competent authority for the airspace in which the aircraft is
being flown, to fly such a SSEA, microlight aeroplane or SLMG outside the United Kingdom;

9th Jul 2021, 14:54
All NPPL training (which includes renewals) ...............

The requirement to be assessed or mandated for renewal training by a ATO/DTO is subject to EASA and does not apply to the NPPL. The lapsed NPPL does not require a course completion certificate for the 'Renewal' test. Further training for renewal is not required, there is no course, so it follows that any instructor, anywhere in the world, can be chosen by the NPPL holder for their training as they see fit. The Examiner can be as Whopity has identified.

Note: the NPPL GST comprises general handling only and not cross country navigation. Should be completed comfortably within the hour.

9th Jul 2021, 16:24
Whopity, as you know full well, it was a cornerstone of the introduction of the NPPL. You can find the requirements in CAP804.
Training Aerodromes
Training for the NPPL may be conducted at any UK training aerodrome.

9th Jul 2021, 16:51
Indeed it was, but the legislation never quite matched the intention.