View Full Version : De restricting a restricted FI

29th Jun 2021, 10:22
I have an instructor who has completed all the pre requisites to become unrestricted.
Does he need to wait for his license to be endorsed or can an FIE issue a temporary certificate?

29th Jun 2021, 10:37
In the UK I think the only option is to get the CAA to remove the limitation. In some States it happens automatically once the criteria have been met, but the UK has always treated it like a seperate certificate.
An FIE can issue a Temporary Certificate for the initial FI certificate, but your candidate already has that. Administrative action is required by the CAA to remove the restriction.

29th Jun 2021, 10:43
Thanks, he really wants to send a rather attractive female on her first solo!

29th Jun 2021, 18:28
I think there's an option for a special dispensation in this case.... but only if photographic evidence is provided of the first solo event ;)

29th Jun 2021, 19:17
You should see what I have to distract me!

30th Jun 2021, 04:47
... And there are still people who select a flight school based on trivialities such as price or location. THIS is the kind of stuff people need to know.