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27th Jun 2021, 17:38
A good friend of mine sadly no longer with us, was a pilot on the DH Venom with 8 Sqn between early 1956 and mid 1958. Throughout that period he was based at RAF Khormaksar in Aden supporting ground operations against the rebels in the Radfan and surrounding area. They were deployed for some 6 weeks to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus for operations against Egypt during "Operation Muskateer" for the Suez crisis.
As far as I can understand he would have been entitled to the General Service Medal with the "Near East" clasp for the Suez operations but my question is would he have been entitled to a clasp and which clasp would it have been for the period he spent in Aden during 1956 to 1958 on operations in the Radfan?

Many thanks

27th Jun 2021, 18:01
I think that would be Arabian Peninsula awarded 1957-1960.

28th Jun 2021, 19:03
Renfrew - Many thanks for that, I was sure there was something that covered the period but had not managed to unearth anything, thanks again!

28th Jun 2021, 20:10
I was on 152 Sqn in Bahrain from July 1959 to August 1961 and operated in the Trucial Oman States and the Oman. I received an old style GSM with an Arabian Peninsular clasp. A few years later, from 1964 to 1966 I was on 105 Sqn in Aden and received a modern style GSM with a South Arabian Clasp.