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24th Jun 2021, 20:25
Shall we ? Why not, we've done most of 'em.

Adria Airways
Air 2000/First Choice
Inter European Airways
Monarch Airlines
Leisure International/Air UK Leisure
Balkan Holidays Air
Airtours/Caledonian/Flying Colours/JMC/Thomas Cook !

Any more ?

24th Jun 2021, 20:46
I remember flying from Gatwick to Menorca in an all white A320 mid-90s, airline was "All Leisure"

tubby linton
24th Jun 2021, 21:35
Virgin had an A320 that purely did flights to Athens and then there was Virgin Leisure .
My travel had their own low cost operation called MyTravel Lite with A320s. There was also South east european airways.

24th Jun 2021, 23:47
other A320 operators that I knew flew charter flights from Birmingham were:-

Aero Lloyd
Air Atlanta Europe
Air Berlin
Air Luxor
Air Malta
Air Scotland (aircraft leased from Greece Airways)
Austrian Airlines
Britannia Airways (aircraft leased from TransAer)
Croatia Airlines
Cyprus Airways
Evelop Airlines
Fly Hellas Airlines
FreeBird Airlines
Hamburg Airways
Koral Blue Airlines
LTE International Airways
Nouvelair Tunisie
Onur Air
Sky Wings
Small Planet Airlines
Strategic Airlines
Titan Airways
TransAer International Airlines
Volar Airlines

25th Jun 2021, 02:18
Iím pretty sure Ambassador Airways (AMY) had some A320ís in its fleet?

25th Jun 2021, 02:19
Virgin had an A320 that purely did flights to Athens and then there was Virgin Leisure .
My travel had their own low cost operation called MyTravel Lite with A320s. There was also South east european airways.

Virgin Sun was their leisure/charter airline.

25th Jun 2021, 05:13
Virgin Sun had 3 x A320 and a A321 - I did a jolly over to Dublin with them one Christmas when they were positioning an A320 to pick up Irish kids for a Roveniemi day trip. Think it was G-VMED. Got back to Gatwick at 0 my god it's early hours, having had spectacular views of the lights along the south coast from overhead North Wales...

25th Jun 2021, 05:52
In Germany :
Aero Flight

25th Jun 2021, 11:12
I bagged a flight in Excalibur A320 G-OEXC on 06.02.93, LGW-GVA and can still remember being impressed how modern and comfortable it felt compared to the classic Boeing, Douglas and 1-11 aircraft that had ferried me around Europe up to that point

As an aside 'XC then spent her career with Airtours International (already noted), Premiar and My Travel AS (both Denmark), Air Belgium and then Pacific Airlines and Balkan Holidays (both Bulgaria)

British Airways can be added to the list as they regularly ran charters, oddly out of LHR, in the pre-covid days in their A319, 320 and 321's

25th Jun 2021, 17:42
Iím pretty sure Ambassador Airways (AMY) had some A320ís in its fleet?

Leased from a Greek operator I think? But youíre correct they had 2 along with 4 757ís and 2 737-200ís in their 2nd (and final) summer of operating.

25th Jun 2021, 19:57
I believe Excalibur was the first charter airline in the UK to have the new A320 (CFM56) in 1992.
I worked on their first ones at LGW. The airline were very proud of them.

Cyprus AW and Adria were both flying new early model A320's from 1989, and Eurocypria in 1992.
All had IAE V2500's.
Adria in 1990 (due to the War conflict) leased one to Cyprus AW, and in 1991 leased one to Aero Lloyd, and 2 to Cretan Airlines.

Air Malta flew 2 new CFM A320 from 1990.
In 1991 Conair DK of Scandinavia joined in with 6 new V2500 A320's - and would end up merging with Scanair, then Premiair, Airtours, My Travel, then finally Thomas Cook.
In 1992 Air 2000 took 4 new V2500 A320's - in 2000 they would order 6 more but with CFM's.
In 1993 IEA leased 2 new A320 V2500 - one summer only before Airtours International AIH bought out IEA.
In 1993 ACI Air Charter International took one new CFM A320
Monarch took 6 CFM A320's from 1993 (But the later A321 fleet were all V2500)
From 1993 Translift would obtain V2500 A320's, to become Transaer.
In 1994 they would fly for Leisure Air/Translift, and then in 1995 for All Leisure Airways, a UK-based subsidiary of Translift, and ceased flying at the end of the 1996 season.
Translift would also fly for Airworld in 1997 and also for Britannia Airways 1998-2000.
In 1994 Ambassador leased 2 ex Mexicana A320 V2500. One summer only.
In 1994 Virgin Atlantic leased a V2500 A320 for the LON-ATH flights, SX-BSV from SEEA, then it was EI-VIR to become G-OUZO.

Airworld Aviation began operations in 1994. It was the in-house charter airline for Thomas Cook.
2 V2500 A320's new in 1994 were returned in 1997, replaced with 5 new CFM A320 in 1997. The airline was the first British operator of 2 new CFM Airbus A321 in 1997, closely followed by 3 new CFM A321's for Leisure International Airways, and V2500 A321's for Monarch.
Airworld was integrated with Flying Colours Airlines in 1998 when they were acquired by Thomas Cook, but the 2 Airworld A321's were soon returned to the lessor in 1999.

Caledonian Airways (1988) in 1995 leased from Kawasaki 3 stored V2500 A320's that had f/f in 1992. CKT were now no longer owned by BA.
Airtours International AIH also took a Kawasaki A320 in 1995. The only sole brand new A320 that AIH would obtain.

In 1996 Aero Lloyd took their first 3 new V2500 A320, with V2500 A321's in 1998.
In 1997 Constellation International Airlines Belgium began operations with 2 brand new Airbus V2500 A320 aircraft, leased from ILFC.
They was the first company in Benelux to operate the Airbus A320. Ceased Ops in 1999.
In 1997 Star Airlines France would start to receive 6 CFM A320's. The airline was set up by the owners of Canadian Air Transat and continued until 2019 as XL Airways France.

In 1998 British Midland Airways started to take deliveries of 10 new V2500 A321's, at least 4 of which were dedicated 220 seat charter aircraft, some flying exclusively each summer
for Air 2000.
In 1999 Air 2000 would obtain 3 new CFM A321, in addition to the Leisure International fleet of 3 taken over by Air 2000 in 1998.
In 1998 Condor Berlin would begin deliveries of CFM A320's
In 1998 Iberoworld Spain would obtain 2 new CFM A320
In 1998 Airtours International would obtain it's first of 4 new CFM A321's. The rest would arrive under the My Travel Airways brand.
In 1999 Kuoni's Edelweiss would obtain 3 new CFmMA320.

Leisure airline GB Airways (BA Franchise) ordered 8 new V2500 A321's, several of these were left undelivered and went brand new straight to Easy Jet after the 2008 buyout.
Easy Jet now have 13 new CFM LEAP A321Neo entering their fleet.

Many airlines today are obtaining new A320 and A321 NEO aircraft now seen on holiday flights.