View Full Version : L-410 down in Russia, Kemerovo, Tanay

19th Jun 2021, 15:15
In the morning hours 19th of June 2021 L-410 crashed on the training flight. There were 19 people on board, most of them parachutists. 4 died immediately, including 2 pilots, 4 are in critical condition and the rest have average injuries.
Pilot announced about one engine lost and returned to land. While landing, one of the wings hit trees and plane crashed.


Carbon Bootprint
19th Jun 2021, 15:23
Other sources are now reporting from seven to nine dead, including crew.


21st Jun 2021, 04:26
[one of the wings hit trees and plane crashed]

It appears to be quite some distance from trees ?

old,not bold
21st Jun 2021, 16:26
Been here before, have we not..... (https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2012/06/12/storm-hits-ukraine-parachute-jump-5-killed-a15381)

blind pew
2nd Jul 2021, 15:47
1994 Illinois I flew at a gliding/parachute site where a similar accident had happened with the airfield owner’s son flying a twin with a group of parachutists. Iirc..engine failure and spun in with the full compliment on board.