View Full Version : EASA T/R in FAA approved simulator

17th Jun 2021, 16:29
Gentīs I have a slight issue that perhaps someone could shed some light on.

I have been lucky to get back in the cockpit but they operate aircraft types that are old and no EASA approved simulators in Europe, Is it any chance that an EASA state would approve an FAA type rating based that its no simulators approved?

My other alternative would be to buy myself a pair of cowboy boots and head out to the US :)

17th Jun 2021, 22:06
If EASA register them, there's got to be a way of training - either in a SIM or in the plane itself. What's the type?

18th Jun 2021, 09:14
This is the problem they donīt operate in Europe but I canīt get a full license in the country they are operating from so I have to have the rating on my EASA license and then validate my license. The type is 747-200

I guess my only option will be to go the FAA route....

18th Jun 2021, 13:16
Depends on the authority. The UK CAA did it in 2019 for 727 and DHC-7, those sims were in North America. Lots of paperwork and safety cases involved.