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15th Jun 2021, 21:33
I've not been on here for years.
Circumstances have recently led to me becoming a self-employed/freelance instructor. A bit of a shock after years of being employed. A flying club who I do some work for wants me to have my own public liability insurance. Has anybody purchased this insurance, and if so then what costs can I anticipate? Also from which company? 'll do some research when I get the chance, but this won't be until the weekend.
I'm a CPL holder, with 13k hours, who's teaching PPL, etc.
Thank you for any advice.

15th Jun 2021, 21:51
Flying Instructor Insurance (http://www.insureaircraft.co.uk/flyinginstructorinsurance.html)


16th Jun 2021, 00:12
I would approach such a policy with care, you could be wasting your money. There are an awful lot of "no" in the proposal. It is called 'Flying Instructor Insurance' not 'Public Liability; Insurance. The ATO/DTO cannot contract out the liability that it has to it's customers and the world at large.. Nor can you insure the same thing twice. I cannot understand should a public liability claim arise, how the instructors insurance can apply. Not to have any such insurance can only be the ATO/DTO risk not the instructors. I can foresee though a very messy situation arising should a claim ever be made. Public Liability Insurance is not expensive for the ATO/DTO so smell a rat.

My advice is that you should join AOPA as an Instructor and obtain good quality professional advice from them. Insurance is never a straightforward matter and nor will be your legal liabilities.

16th Jun 2021, 06:23
Thank you.
I'll do some more research & talk to those involved. Life's become very complicated recently.

16th Jun 2021, 08:31
The insurance policy quoted is the one AOPA refer it's instructor/examiner members to.
However, I agree the flying club should have it's own policy. But that policy will only cover the public while in the club premises, not while airside or on other parts of the airfield, nor will it cover while in the aircraft. Those liabilities are the domain of the airfield or aircraft insurer.

Strangely, public liability insurance is not mandatory, but employer's liability is. Self employed instructors are considered employees in this case.

15th Feb 2022, 13:14
Can anyone recommend a company that provides Employers Liability insurance? or a broker? for a flying club, thanks.

15th Feb 2022, 13:31
Most brokers can provide the insurance but best to use an aviation specialist such as those that provide aircraft insurance. They will understand your needs best.

Genghis the Engineer
15th Feb 2022, 23:54
I don't have liability insurance as a flying instructor, but I do have liability insurance as an aviation consultant with a necessarily high liability limit and am happy with the service I get, for which the premiums I pay seem reasonable - it might be worth looking at the people I use.



Kemble Pitts
16th Feb 2022, 09:30
Ditto what Genghis says.

16th Feb 2022, 12:02
Most, if not all, of the traditional insurance companies are not interested in employers liability when the club premises are on an airfield. Haywards ended up as our only choice at last renewal. Premium is based on number of instructors, hours flown etc. Employers liability is mandatory.

16th Feb 2022, 12:04
...........premium was definitely not cheap.

16th Feb 2022, 19:39
We have a combined Employers/Public liability policy with our Club and our landlord, the airfield owner. This is also combined with a hangar keeper's insurance, as we rent it from them.. Not cheap but we think we've got pretty seamless cover. The only way of really finding out is to have a claim!


18th Feb 2022, 09:43
Thanks everyone for the information, i think we have found a package that suits with Hiscox, public liability, employer liability and professional indemnity all in for around 800pa.