View Full Version : Examiners authorised by Italian CAA

10th Jun 2021, 23:51
Hi All,

Has anyone on here been through the authorization processes with the Italian CAA in order to do skills tests or assessment of competence for flight instructor?
Could you please share what process you followed and if there is a fee to pay?
The Italian CAA is incredibly slow and the EASA examiner differences document does not mention any fees.

Thanks in advance

12th Jun 2021, 12:33
One of our TREs did a TRI AoC for for an Italian. We - on the advice of the customer - just sent the notification in and waited 30 days. With no response we went ahead with the AoC, the TRI sent in his paperwork and his upgraded privileges were duly issued. Once we got our head around not needing a response it was very straightforward!

19th Jun 2021, 04:48
Thanks for your help BizJetJock!

19th Jun 2021, 17:51
Italy is generally know for being the most incompetent of bureaucracies in Europe as a general overall. It's unfortunate, but commonly known. Why would the Italian CAA be any different from the rest of the departments in the "boot". Glad that at least the privileges were issued, and thanks for sharing.