View Full Version : Website with military pilot experiences and other info

4th Jun 2021, 11:39
I once had a link to a website that I have lost but would love to read again.

It was written by a US military pilot that had flown KC-135 tankers (I believe) and thereafter VIP charters in the Air Force.

The website touched upon different techniques they used when flying. Like how to calculate the precise time to land to arrive at the red carpet as specified.

There was an anecdote to flying an NDB approach in Sarajevo and having to draw the approach on a napkin getting input from the US Embassy over the phone.

Has anyone ever stumbled across this website?

4th Jun 2021, 12:26
sounds like James Albright, code7700.com

wrote a series of books under pseudonym 'Eddie' that includes stuff you asked about.

4th Jun 2021, 13:08
That is the one

Thanks for the help