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eastern wiseguy
31st May 2021, 21:05
Evening all. I am wondering if anyone on the forum would be able to recommend a book on the story of the Royal Naval Air Service?

My grandfather served with them from 1915, and whilst there is a reasonable amount of literature out there, I have not a lot relating to their bases in East Anglia and anything to do with training.

He was a rigger, not aircrew.

Any suggestions gratefully received.
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William Adair RNAS

Chairborne 09.00hrs
1st Jun 2021, 08:25
Try finding "The Spider's Web", about anti-sub ops with Felixstowe flying boats. That aside, I'm struggling to think of any.

1st Jun 2021, 14:30
With regards to the RNAS in East Anglia I can recommend two books - 'Seaplanes-Felixstowe' by Gordon Kinsey published by Terence Dalton 1978 and 'The Story of a North Sea Air Station' (Great Yarmouth) by C.F. Snowden Gamble published by the OUP in 1928 with a more recent reissue also available. Both these titles can be found on ABE BOOKS the former being very much cheaper than the latter classic !

1st Jun 2021, 22:46
"To the ends of the air" G E Livock