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Genghis the Engineer
31st May 2021, 20:27
So, a year ago when the world was simpler, I had a UK national licence with CRI/FCL945 on it, and a UK EASA-FCL licence with CRI/FCL945 on it.

Since then, my EASA licence is now Irish, and that nation, not being great fans of it, have deleted the FCL945. Fine, mildly irritating, but I can live with that.

I also had my national licence re-issued with a new rating, and when it came back, whilst CRI is still on it, FCL945 is not. It came with a handy little card explaining my instructor privileges, but FCL945 isn't mentioned there. No explanation for its deletion was offered.

Soooooo, what's the UK position on FCL945 now? No doubting that I can instruct licenced pilots on appropriate G-reg aeroplanes: with my Irish licence for part 21 aeroplanes, and with either licence on national aeroplanes.

But, do I have part 945 privileges when instructing British pilots in British aeroplanes? Are all instructors assumed to have this now, or do I not have the privilege at-all?

Anybody know?


31st May 2021, 21:47
Without FCL.945 on your licence then you do not have the privilege. The questions is why. Did they make a mistake and forget to add it, or is it a case that they now only put it on a Part FCL Licence not a National Licence. There is no mention of FCL.945 in Schedule 8.

My thought is that as FCL.945 is an EASA qualification it probably should not have been on a National Certificate in the first place.

Kemble Pitts
2nd Jun 2021, 11:53
You've highlighted something that I'd not noticed before. I have a UK PPL and a (was) EASA PPL, both with FI and CRI on them. The bit I've not noticed is that the UK PPL does not include FCL.945 but the EASA one does. They've both been re-issued a couple of time since CAA started printing 'FCL.945' on them, so I reckon Whopity is correct, in that CAA policy has probably been to not include it on UK (non-EASA) licences.

As an adjunct I have an 'R Examiner' approval via the LAA Coaching scheme which, as far as I can tell, is the CAA equivalent of the FCL.945 authorisation. I wonder if CAA would simply issue instructors with 'R Examiner' authorisations outside of the LAA Coaching scheme? That would seem to be a workable answer.

3rd Jun 2021, 08:32
When applying for re-issue of a UK Part-FCL licence, you should advise the CAA of all qualifications which were on your pre-SOLI'd UK-issued licence.

There have been some re-issued licences which haven't included IR(R) privileges, for example. Presumably because SSC merely copied all the entries on the foreign-issued Part-FCL licence. I suspect the same is probably true for FCL.945 privileges.

Genghis the Engineer
4th Jun 2021, 19:39
BEagle's solution is probably the easy fix, I'll have to get my IR(R) put back on my UK.FCL CPL when I get there, and can ask for the 945 to be put back on at the same time. I've other reasons for not rushing this, but it gives me time to pick up issues like that as well.