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20th Aug 2002, 18:46
BBC Scotland reported breaking news on their 6.30 bulletin that a BA ATP en route from Glasgow to Belfast made an unscheduled landing at Prestwick.

No other info was avalable.

Hopefully things are ok.


20th Aug 2002, 18:57
Tenner it was the Eng Anti Ice failing. Ahhh, the queen of 't skies.

20th Aug 2002, 19:36
BA say the ATP (don't know registration) working BA7625 GLA-BHD diverted to PIK with a brake overheat warning light. Chutes were deployed, 4 crew, 39 pax evacuated safely.

The a/c wasn't on the runway for too long because a replacement ATP has already been and gone with the pax. No significant holds or diverts for other inbound a/c to my knowledge.

All rather routine, I'm afraid. No idea why the BBC Reporting Scotland broke into their running order to make such an unecessarily dramatic announcement. It caused pandemonium in my newsroom until I managed to calm everyone down :rolleyes:

John MacCalman
20th Aug 2002, 20:18
We carried it our news (Radio Clyde) at 7pm as an "Emergency Landing". The only thing that concerned me was we hadn't at that time confirmed the airline. With Prestwick's association with FR we did not weant to jump to the wrong conclusion.

At 10pm we will have a full report with all the available facts including the airline (BA). By the sound of it everyone concerned with the incident did a thoroughly professional job and that is how it is being reported.

We have quite a good bunch in our newsroom now. We are situated just slightly to the right of the glideslope on 23 at Glasgow. It used to be the case that every time they saw an aircraft do a go-around they would be on the phone to the airport. Now they have a better understanding, But there are still the odd ones as BAA's PR will tell you!

20th Aug 2002, 20:56
Who diverts because of an engine anti-ice failiure during summer conditions ??

20th Aug 2002, 22:02
BA don't fly ATPs anymore!

And don't try and tell me that BACitiexpress are the same airline.
Ask the bank managers of the employees!!:mad: :mad:

21st Aug 2002, 11:40
Fokker Jock - Shall I pay you the tenner or put it into the BACE benevolent fund?

21st Aug 2002, 14:14
Hovis: its a BA flight operated by British Regional Airlines, and its definitely an ATP, because I've been on it more than a few times.

Always a bit of fun on a winters night. The fantastic rate of climb, the stratospheric cruising altitude, the smooth, cosseted cabin. And the only thing more fun than the descent into BHD is trying to drive down Hannastown hill on an icy evening.

Oh, the memories. :rolleyes: