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10th May 2021, 10:58
Saw this in the Herald this morning. A new website recording the history of aviation in Scotland, along with trails for places to visit. There are STEM resources for younger people. Looks interesting.


10th May 2021, 11:15
Looks like an RAF Museum initiative, so the emphasis unsurprisingly seems to be on military aviation, but a promising start.

10th May 2021, 11:20
There are STEM resources for younger people.

... who are advised not to click on the site's Terms and Conditions (https://www.scottishaviation.org.uk/terms-and-conditions), where they would learn (somewhat ungrammatically) that "You must be at least 18 years of age or be accessing the Site [sic] or have the full consent of a parent or guardian to access the website."


10th May 2021, 14:35
Standard boiler plate - saves actually consulting one of m'learn'd friends at 3k an hour...................

10th May 2021, 14:39
Maybe it's just in case the little darlings come accross some event where someone died or found a slightly racist historical comment. They could be scarred for life reading about such things.:)
By the way, can I still call a Scotsman "Jock"? Or will I be arrested?

10th May 2021, 17:08
By the way, can I still call a Scotsman "Jock"?

Only when requesting that he stop his tickling.

10th May 2021, 17:43
Jock is a general term but when In Glasgow "Jim" is probably better.