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1st May 2021, 16:23

1st May 2021, 19:26
Congrats on that 5th place!

India Four Two
2nd May 2021, 00:04
I've never heard of any of them. Does that jeopardize my TAP membership?

2nd May 2021, 11:15
A very good read it is too!

The Telling Aircraft Tails book reminds me of a fantastic little Hamlyn book I got when I was about 10 - World Airline Insignia. No pics but lots of beautiful artwork showing colour schemes and logos, plus details of each airline, fleet, etc. Lots of little third level outfits included from South America, Africa, etc, a DC-3 and an Apache sort of thing. Loved it. Eventually it suffered from catastrophic fatigue and disintegrated. Not long ago I bought a copy from Abebooks to leaf through when a spot of nostalgia was needed - and was bemused to find I have another copy already!


Liffy 1M
2nd May 2021, 12:30
The Telling Aircraft Tails book is an excellent production, interweaving the story of a range of individual aircraft with those of the UK carriers with which they served.

Squawk 6042
3rd May 2021, 07:29

Now that brought some memories back, thanks for posting. That image of the Northwest Orient 747 has stuck in my mind all these years. Who knows where my copy from the 1970s ended up.

3rd May 2021, 13:09
I've never heard of any of them. Does that jeopardize my TAP membership?
Guess I am in good company, I have not heard of any of they either......!!
Still reckon Putnams take a bit of beating......granted not all civil.