View Full Version : Dak at Popham!

20th Aug 2002, 12:38
As I drove past Popham this morning I was amazed to see a Dak there, apparently in the old BEA markings. I did not have time to go and investigate so can anyone tell me what it's all about please?

Genghis the Engineer
20th Aug 2002, 12:58
I am told it was parked there for a few days when the company who own it collapsed, so nobody's quite sure what to do with it at the moment.


20th Aug 2002, 14:45
Apparently a South Coast Airways aircraft which flew in to Popham for a reunion. It was still there when the company collapsed. They're now waiting for the Receiver/Administrator to make a decision on its future.

20th Aug 2002, 14:58

20th Aug 2002, 19:53
The aircraft, G-DAKK, was operated by South Coast Airways but not owned by them, just leased. Since South Coast went bust the owner has no work for his two Dakotas and they are now for sale or lease.

21st Aug 2002, 09:06
There are 2, including this one offered for sale by General Technics, Reading tel UK 0118 9 832459, internet www.dakotasale.com email [email protected].

22nd Aug 2002, 13:04
Many thanks guys. I hope someone takes care of the old girl. I went on honeymoon in a Dak and talked to them all day when I worked abroad... not many at Heathrow nowadays!!